Take Two Registered new GTA 5 Websites?

We all know that Rockstar Games registers their fictive in-game websites in real life too. This domains usually redirects to the official Rockstar Games Homepage.

The internet – sleuth Supererogatory  discovered some registered domains with names that are usually in  Rockstar Games sense of humor! The domains were registered first under Rockstar Games and their publishers name Take Two Interactive. Are these really upcoming GTA 5 websites?

The links shows you the registrar of the domains:

What kind of site could this be? Paying cash to fullfill your dreams? Or sell your dreams and get money?

Think about what Rockstar Games said in their press release: A modern world about big money trades etc. This could actually be a GTA 5 in-game online website.

Have no clue what this could be? Any idea?

A loan sharks illegal website?

İn GTA 4, the stepfather of Lazlow, Isaac Hammerstein owns Isaac Hammerstein and Daughters Funeral Services. This could actually be a in-game site.

GTA 5 will be in the same time period like GTA 4.

Maybe this spotted businesses in the GTA 5 Trailer have their own domains too.

  • Pizza-this.com
  • dailyglobe.com, net, or org.
  • Postal-service.com
  • e-cola.com or similiar
  • up-n-atom.com
  • bugstar.com, bug-stars.com etc.

Here is a list of potencially ported websites from the previous GTA series:

  • Love-meet.net
  • weazelnews.com
  • hornyhighschoolreunions.com
  • burgershot.net
  • piswasser.com
  • redwoodcigarettes.com
  • sprunksoda.com
  • lipurgex.com


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