Official GTA 5 Gameplay Video


The first GTA 5 Gameplay Video is kind of a documentary, with a narrator explaining the improvements and the huge world of “New Los Santos” with the even wider Countryside Area. There is so much to listen, see and tell that i’m not sure where to start.

Animals and Hunting in GTA 5

The player can go on hunting. Wild animals are spread all around the badlands, rivers and mountain area. While aiming on a deer with a sniper riffle, the HUD shows you the direction and speed of the wind. What other animals will be there? We arguably have to wait another two months to know it better.

You can customize your weapons with extended clips and extra grip. 8 slots to carry the artillery you need with a wheel switch system. Character switching uses the same “wheel” system but smaller and placed on the right – below side of the screen. The minimap is rectangular and the health (green), armor (blue) and special bar (yellow) are under the radar which is in 3D at the left – below corner.


Car customization is back with a mass of options to choose from. Some visual parts include the wheels and rims, or the color which costs around 400 coins. We are not sure if the visual parts will have an effect on the performance or not. The performance is also upgradeable which enchanges the accerelation, top speed, breaking and traction. The LS Custom Shop is open 24/7.

The suburban clothes shop is widely known under GTA fans from the San Andreas era. And this time the store evinced the GTA 5 sports teams, indicated trough the sports jackets available to buy like the LS Pounders, LS Corkers, Los Santos Squeezers etc.


Two new names of Locations are the before seen Land Act Dam and the surrounding Tataviam Mountains with a great sight over Los Santos City.

Heist System

The player first needs to create a ToDo list aand with every need covered a checkbox is marked. Then he needs to decide how to start the heist. The smart and stealthy way or the brutal and loud option. An at last he needs to pick the crew member, which have specific attributes and skills. Depending on the mission he has to choose the one or  the other. There are gunmen, hackers, drivers etc.

After some succesfull missions the player can decide how to spend the money he earned by purchasing propertys or stocks online, buying expensive cars or luxury clothes. There will be surely more ways to shred the cash. Websites like and are only two of the in game GTA 5 online websites.

The so called “Grand Theft Auto Online” is still a secret to the fans but we expect some infos to be revealed soon.


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