GTA 5 First Mission “Prologue” 1/72 Gameplay Video Series

Hey GTA fans! We appreciate everyone that visits our sites and decided to make a GTA 5 singleplayer mission gameplay video series for you guys! We are starting our series with the first mission and will upload all 72 main missions in a daily basis!

gta 5 singleplayer mission prologue

Please take in account that this is not a 100 percent completion guide. We just wanted to share our experiences with you. We would have to skip cut scenes on some part to reach the mission goals especially the time goals. The guides will follow shortly in an other series.

Attention: All who don’t want to get spoiled should take their hands of the gameplay videos. Spoiler alarm!


GTA 5 Prologue Mission 1/72

The first mission takes us back 9 years before the actual events to Ludendorff, North Yankton. A snowy small town where Trevor, Michael and two of their fellows attend to rob a bank, while one of them gets shot on the getaway route. After their car gets hit by a train, they try to stick to the plan and escape on foot via the same path by reaching the chopper.

After arriving at a farm house, Trevor’s buddy Brad and Michael get shot by a police sniper and left heavily wounded. Now it’s clear that they ran directly into a trap.

Trevor handles to escape after a massive shootout. The end cut scene of the mission shows a funeral of Michael, where he is actually watching the show from far away. This mission let’s some questions open that we will clear during the next GTA 5 mission gameplays..

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  1. brasildog September 24, 2014 at 9:30 am -

    one of the best games that rokstar made

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