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This GTA Online Deathmatch shootout takes place at the Altruist Cult Compound in the forest of Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness…. Read More »

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Review & Guide The GTA 5 Onlime deathmatch mode “Boatyard” takes place at the south of Mount Chilliad, right at… Read More »

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The GTA 5 Online deathmatch mode “Bluffs” can be accessed from the start on and requires a rank of Lvl…. Read More »

By admin, January 28, 2012 1 NEWS

The fans know, that GTA SA had no build-in online multiplayer. But some modders and programmers made a fully functional multiplayer called SA:MP!! And…it was a big succes! Rockstar learned from it, and brought us multiplayer in GTA 4. Now… Read More »