Rockstar Games Site Update: Latest Official GTA 5 Pictures

With the release of GTA 5 coming closer, more and more infos are reaching the day light. As you can see in the pictures above, some before unseen Places and Vehicles were spotted on the latest Rockstar Games update so far. Here is a summary of what we have found untill now:


  • The shiney Rockford Hills and Plaza
  • Calafia Bridge
  • Pala Springs (Palm Springs)
  • The Grand Senora Dessert
  • Cape Catfish
  • Strawberry District
  • Paleto Cove
  • Richman (actualy a disrict)
  • Mount Zonah
  • Pacific Bluffs
  • The Hawick District in Los Santos

GTA 5 Vehicles

  • The Vapid Pick-up
  • Voltic sportscar
  • The Dundreary
  • The two engine propeller plane Trevor was flying in earlier releases
  • Benefactor Feltzer
  • Übermacht Oracle 2
  • Obey Tailgator Sedan


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