GTA 5 Trailer 2 Screenshots


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GTa 5 Trailer 2 Screencaps

Well it’s time for some update for the most anticipated game of the decade! Grand Theft Auto V! Since the GTA 5 trailer 2 is out we want to share screenhots of the video frame by frame! The second trailer reveals a lot more informations about the latest installment of Rockstar Games: GTA 5! Three playable protagonist, Michael, Franklin (the last names of the two characters are unknown at the moment) and Trevor Philips! On some scenes, you will have a deeper look inside the lifes of them. And how we know now, one of the protagonists will be the antogonist later in the game!

Michael with his disfunctional family life, Franklin struggles with the releationship to his “crazy friend” Lamar, and Trevor… He is the living Legend of a psychopatic maniac. Ready to bring chaos to GTA 5’s virtual world. Now that’s my man! Some vehicles are revealed further. The jetfighter on the dogfight scene seems to be a Hydra, allowing us a vertical lift-off? At least it looks very similiar. The Audi R8 roadster equivalent “9F” is mostly used in the Trailer. Almost in every scene. Yellow, red and other colors. The dialogs came up as the typical Rockstar Games sense of humor. Now enough from us. Explore it yourself. You will definitely find tons of other details in GTA 5 Trailer 2 screenshots.


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