‘GTA 5’: New Screenshots w/ Sharks, Submarine & Riding Dogs

Rockstar revealed 5 new GTA 5 sreenshots on their website. The new pictures show off Sharks, which propaply will lead to shark attacks. Another great image points to the Airport with the Tower on the background. But the most impressive detail on that screen is the yellow submarine. Rockstar gives the player now the oppurtunity to explore the underwater world of “GTA Los Santos”.

Another detail revealed: Franklin riding in his convertible car. On the passenger seat: His Dog “Chop”. So the gamer will be able to take animals for a ride in his vehicles. While another picture shows Trevor flying a big plane (maybe a Jumbo Jet).


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3 Comments on "‘GTA 5’: New Screenshots w/ Sharks, Submarine & Riding Dogs"

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  3. jojo March 12, 2013 at 10:18 am -

    i like this game too much but it is very heavy

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