GTA 5 Online Crews Hierarchies For Social Club

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Rockstars announcement of their GTA 5 online feature, also called Grand theft Auto Online and what could have been easily a standalone MMO game, was a huge success. The  major changes that were teased were apparently not everything at all. They introduced today a new Social Club Crew hierarchies system.

The changes are a direct respond to the wishes of the SC community and are available for all crew leaders.

GTA V online crew hierarchies

Crew Hierarchy

  • Leader: The leaders can decide to assign specific member for the available ranks or not. When choosing the last option, all members will stay in the muscle ranks. Also known as admins.
  • Commissioners: The vice-presidents and right-hand of the leaders/crew creators. Most trusted and with the ability to decide on all aspects related to the crew organization on behalf of the leader.
  • Lieutenants: Privileged members to keep the Crew in check and hand out promotions or demotions amongst sub-ranked fellows.
  • Representatives: These ranks are reserved for the rising stars in the cliques. They have proven loyalty and were successful for a longer period. There words are considered to be as good advise and will have some impact on the recruitment of new aspirants.
  • Muscle: The heart of every crew. Think of then as soldiers. Some of them just want to enjoy the online modes and others will have heavy ambitions to rank up and can be a threat to the superiors rank spots when successful enough.

There are no spot limits for any rank . To manage your crew oıptions go to social clubs Crew Management. For more details visit the announcement page of Rockstar.

Join the GTA 5 Online forums Crew section and post and organize your crew. Make announcements to recruit members or join our crew. We will heavily play online. Stay tuned for more info!


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3 Comments on "GTA 5 Online Crews Hierarchies For Social Club"

  1. GTAV August 31, 2013 at 3:59 pm -

    – Ready for GTA V? Get ready !
    PS3 Crew

    Want to be part of a crew? JOIN US!–crew

  2. GTA V Lover November 15, 2013 at 7:14 pm -

    I hope they make any RP system for crew members if heists come out. Would be nice to see crew members improving on doing multiple heist, e.g. getting the money quicker or driving faster on escape.

  3. regan November 17, 2014 at 12:57 pm -

    I hope they make the RP for the heists cause I really want that and I bet that other
    people want that to

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