GTA 5 Soundtrack With 15 Radio Stations & 240 Songs

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GTA 5 soundtrack details were revealed in a Rolling Stone Magazine interview with Rockstar Games. Accordingly the game will feature 15 radio stations (two of them reserved for  talk shows) and 240 licensed songs. GTA 5’s music responsible Ivan Pavlovich explained what to expect.

We have 15 radio stations, two talk radio stations, 240 licensed songs, and somewhere in the proximity of 20 movies worth of score. It’s the largest soundtrack that we’ve done, and the largest score that we’ve done.

He says also that it was important for them to capture the feeling of Los Angeles and that for the first time a pop radio channel will be available to listen while driving around Los Santos, what makes so much sense in the context of this city.

Some new stations and hosts:

  • Vinewood Boulevard Station: A modern Rock station hosted by Stephen [Pope] and Nate [Williams] from Wavves.
  • East LOS FM: A Hosted by by Camilo [Lara] from the Mexican Institute of Sound including traditional and elctronica songs.
  • West Coast classics:Will be hosted by DJ Pooh, the creator of the movie Friday starring Ice Cube. Ivan explains: He’s a big personality, and he grew up with all these guys who are on the station. We were getting phone calls from Pooh saying, “I’m driving over to Dre’s house, what do you need from him?” And then 30 minutes later he’s like, “I’m going to Snoop’s house.”
  • Rebel Radio Channel: Pavlovich says: Rebel Radio is our take on outlaw country, by Jesco White, of the [documentary] The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Look him up. This is the kind of character that just fills out this world we’ve created.
  • Soul Station: Pam Grier will host this one which is focused on low rider tunes.
  • Eighties boogie-funk Radio: Not sure what the official name of this station will be. Hosted by Bootsy Collins.
  • The Classic Rock station: Hosted by Kenny Loggins. Again not sure if original channel name.

For me, this is the most exciting soundtrack we’ve done, in terms of who’s hosting and the music on the actual radio stations. This is our biggest accomplishment, says Pavlovich.

The score system will alloow the game to play tracks depending on what the player is doing in that moment. Involved in the creation were Alchemist and Oh No, Woody Jackson (scored RDR and helped with L.A. Noire), and Tangerine Dream with Edgar Froese.

Tyler [the Creator] will be on Steve’s Station from the Flying Lotus. A lot of this songs are unreleased  and will be until release of GTA 5.

Visit the article to listen some samplers or join the GTA 5 Forums to discuss.


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