Which Online Multiplayer Modes will GTA 5 Have?

The fans know, that GTA SA had no build-in online multiplayer. But some modders and programmers made a fully functional multiplayer called SA:MP!! And…it was a big succes! Rockstar learned from it, and brought us multiplayer in GTA 4. Now i’m asking me, which modes will GTA 5 have? Sure thing for me is, that the succesfull online multiplayer modes will find a place in Grand theft auto 5: Cops ‘n’ Crooks was a big succes. The online players loved it.


What else could be ported?

There were three main mode categories: Player Match, Ranked Match and Party Mode!


Lets start with the Team Modes:

Team Mafiya Work, Team Deatch Match (which i think will surely be included), Team Car Jack City, like said before Cops ‘n’ Crooks, Turf Wars which could get very funny in San Andreas!


GTA 5 Cooperative Modes:

Hangman’s Noose, one of the favourites of online modes: Bomb Da Base.


GTA 5 Online Competetive Modes :

Detachmatch, Mafiya Work, Car Jack City and one of my favourites Free Mode, which is actually a free-roam mode, you can do what ever you want with up to 16 player on PS 3 and Xbox 360, up to 32 players on the pc’s. A big Liberty City playground.

Will they be included or will we see some freshout modes from the scratch?


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One Comment on "Which Online Multiplayer Modes will GTA 5 Have?"

  1. pj September 20, 2013 at 10:17 pm -

    will they be a police mod for gta 5 for ps3 i seen it on gta 4 for the pc and it look cool i know alot of ppl that would like to see the police mod in gta 5

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