Take-Two Interactive Software should hire this war correspondent

gta online war correspondent

Grand Theft Auto Online offers you a lot of fun and it is currently the closest thing we have to a virtual world, with the exception perhaps of Second Life published by private company Linden Lab and The Sims published by Electronic Arts (EA)

Grand Theft Auto Online is expanding and it could become a real economy in the future, just like Second Life which currently generates over $100,000,000 each year.

Reddit user cy_sperling is currently wandering the virtual city and taking photographs of his surroundings.

His character has a helmet and a black MEDIA jacket. If you see him, don’t shoot him.

“I try very hard to find and use the WEAZEL News van to drive to the hot spots to take pictures” he says.

“It’s fun to see who ‘get it’ and let me get up close while they fight,” he says.

Would you like to see his portfolio? Click here

I think Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO) should hire him as an official war correspondent and hire another human being as bodyguard to follow him everywhere he goes and return fire if he is attacked.

Also, I think a digital newspaper should be created for tablets and players could subscribe for free initially and read it every morning just like a real newspaper and other game publishers would pay real cash to advertise in that publication.

Need a mercenary for a heist? Hire one buying an ad in the newspaper and pay him real cash to help you.

Also, if the war correspondent is hurt he can call a private ambulance and they will take him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

This private ambulance could charge real cash to any player that wishes to stay alive.

Also, if anybody shoots him the shooter would become a wanted man and the company could offer a real cash reward for his arrest and that would create a lot of bounty hunters.

The possibilities are endless.


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  1. Omhar Villalobos February 10, 2014 at 8:48 pm -

    Good game!!

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