Sex, Lies and Grand Theft Auto V

(Pic: Deep philosophy going on right there!)

The guy that invented TV dinners made millions with the simple concept that some people like to do two things at the same time.

The fictional character George Costanza from the television show Seinfeld did a similar thing and tried to combine his two favorite things: Food and Sex.

You can watch the clip here.

Or take a look on the GTA 5 Franklin trailer screenshots for your own philosophy process.

Many people love Grand Theft Auto V published by Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO), and they are also interested in other things like silent films and photography.

A new literary genre was coined in 2009 when Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which combines Jane Austen classic novel Pride and Prejudice from 1813 with modern zombie fiction and crediting Austen as the co-author.

The book was so popular in the United Kingdom that all copies were sold and the publisher had to order a second printing.

The book eventually made it to the New York Times (NYT) Best Seller list and that usually means a movie deal.

So far, the publisher Quirk Books has published a prequel and a sequel just in case the film makes a lot of money.

A year later,  Seth Grahame-Smith wrote another book called Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and a few executive producers invested $69,000,000. You usually need to sell twice the amount of money you have invested in a film in order to turn a profit because you only get about 40% of the price of the ticket. Companies like AMC Entertainment (AMC),  Regal Entertainment Group (RGC) and Cinemark (CNK) usually take the rest. In other words, you need to sell at least $138,000,000 and this film only sold $116,471,580 in tickets plus $16,957,323 in Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs.

If you include streaming rights and television rights they are probably going to recover their original investment, but they would need to reduce the budget for the sequel to less than $50,000,000

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Paul Yan loves food and Grand Theft Auto V. He invested between four and eight hours per day for a month to create his blog. You can read it here.


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