GTA 5 PC Petition


GTA 5 PC Petition

While Grand Theft Auto series almost ever released on the PC, except the handheld versions, there is no conformation untill yet from Rockstar that they are planning to bring a GTA 5 pc port. So the pc enthusiasts started a Gta 5 Pc Online Petition. The petition to bring Grand Theft Auto V to the Windows Live and Computer community almost reached 40.000 supporters from all around the world.

GTA 5 PC Version Pros and Contras:


  • A huge loyal gaming community named Windows Live!
  • And that means a bunch of copies sells. Cash Money Brothers!
  • Rockstar Games don’t need to develope a whole new game for the PC version. A port is easier to handle. So with less effort, more cashflow!


But there is the other side of the medallion.


  • We know that a lot of pirates are surfing on the seven seas of the net. So Rockstar Games will definitely lshed blood on profit because of them. What doesn’t mean xbox or ps pirated copies aren’t used. But they are limited, not so the pc pirates.
  • The PC has no standart recources and this causes R* to be aware of the pc’s with limited power. You will be in need of a mid to high-end pc to run the game properly. That means less sales as it could be. What doesn’t mean xbox or ps pirated copies aren’t used.

We hope after all for a GTA 5 PC port. You want to support the online petition? Here is the site:


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  1. luka February 17, 2013 at 4:59 pm -

    I LOVE gta 5.

  2. Milad April 25, 2013 at 8:55 am -


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