Bad News For GTA Fans!

Max Payne 3 delay breaks all hopes for GTA 5 summer release 2012!

While the rumors and expectations pointed to a GTA 5 release date between May and end of summer 2012, the Max Payne 3 delay two months back to May breaks the hopes of GTA series fans!


Why can the games not be launched together in a short time period ?

  • Rockstar Games is still a commercial company! Yeah, they make games, but it is all about the business!
  • It wouldn’t be clever to release two games in a short period, because the hype of GTA 5 would cause Max Payne 3  to be sold less and they don’t wanna lost income because of their own game!
  • Game developement is expensive and time assuming!


Which release dates are out of sight now? When we can expect Grand theft auto V?

This release dates are now unlikely:

  • 24 May 2012 | As seen in the first trailer!
  • Pre-Summer release | Still to early after a Max Payne release!
  • Summer release

We expect one of  this release dates:

Fall 2012

18 October 2012

Mid-November 2012

A 24 May 2013 Release? Hopefully not!

So what dou you expect? Tell us in the comments!



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