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Where’s the fun in that??

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4:35 pm
December 2, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23


Okay…wanted to get it off my chest about people using the Tank.


While I appreciate you being able to use a tank and…if you're wiling to spend $1,500,000…you should be able to buy it.¬† But – in my opinion – this is another game-ruiner.¬† You're pretty much indestructible in a tank and the average Joe in a Cavalcade using an Assault Rifle isn't going to last 2 seconds versus a tank.¬† In addition, the re-spawn point is often near where you just died.¬† So…an a**hole in a tank is going to make it miserable.¬†


If I had to offer a suggestion to Rockstar…it would be to make the tank only useable in an invite only session or when more than one player has access to a tank.¬† If there's 13 people in a game…at least 2 people have to have tanks in their storage.¬† There has to be some modicum of fairness for everyone else.¬† 1 single person having a tank completely overwhelms everyone who doesn't.¬† At a certain point, whatever area of the map they're in becomes unplayable while they're there.¬† In addition, I also tyhink it's a chicken-**** way of collecting a bounty.¬† Part of the fun of a game with a bounty-system is the chase.¬† The plotting and trying to get that bounty.¬† It requires no effort whatsoever sitting behind an unkillable tank.¬† All of the other players wanting to collect the bounty are also at grave risk because of the lopsidedness these players bring.¬†¬†


I'm sure it looks fun when you have the tank.¬† But when you're the one running from the tank…not so good.

3:02 am
December 3, 2013



Gang Member

posts 12


If you can get a car along the side of a tank, when they shoot you, the combination of yours and theirs blast will blow the barrel off. It's hard to do. The easiest thing to do is just watch it on TV or a distance away. Eventually the tank will be disabled by NPCs. Also since a tank costs 3 million, doesn't that mean when the player loses his tank, he pays 36 thousand insurance?

1:21 pm
January 13, 2014


Washington, DC


posts 23




No.¬† Actually the tank costs $1,500,000…not $3mill.¬† And no, you don't have to pay insurance on it.¬† When the tank is destroyed, you simply get a quick email from Pegasus letting you know they're sorry but your vehicle is destroyed.¬† As soon as it's destroyed…and I mean immediately…you can go right back to Pegasus and request a new tank.¬† Since the tank is in your arsenal…it only costs $200 to use.¬† Essentially, there is no limit.¬† Use the tank until it's spent and then request a new one.¬† If you're able to get 10-15+ kills before the tank is spent and the immediate get a new tank for $200…rinse and repeat…you could end up with a mindboggling kill/death ratio.¬† Again, it's just catastrophically unfair.


You say that eventually the tank can be disabled by the NPC…yes that is true.¬† But even in a slow tank, you can avoid the cops at 1 or 2 stars.¬† It's not until you hit 3 stars that it becomes difficult to avoid the police.¬† The police guns do little if any damage to the tank.¬† The only real damage is when a car hits the tank and blows up.¬† But even then, you're talking about 10-15 blow-ups before the tank becomes in really bad shape.¬† The point is a tank user can do a boatload of wreckage to the human players before then.¬†


I have gotten up in rank to be able to buy the tank and use it.¬† What's funny is that – although I have used the tank…I still hold to my point that it's messed up being able to use it.¬† It's grossly unfair.¬† There are several spots on the map where you can duck the police…even at a 5-star level…where they can't go.¬† I have seen players above level 100 who use the RPG (rocket launcher) against a tank…but even that takes a few shots to destroy the tank.¬† On average, I would guess you could get¬†AT LEAST¬†10-12 kills with a tank before being stopped.¬† In fact, I was messing with a guy the other day and ended up with 31 kills to his 5 by using a tank.¬† He had access to a tank too…so it wasn't completely unfair.¬† But the point is just how grossly unfair it CAN be.


And while a player CAN go into passive mode to avoid being shot by the tank…if the tank driver runs you over you can still be killed.¬† In fact, all the tank driver need to do is hit you and stay on top of you and you die.¬† So…it's an unfortunate flaw in the passive mode function.¬† Also, if you get into a car and the car is blown up you still die.¬† The only way passive mode is effective is if you are on your feet and not run over.¬†

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