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Things I’d like to see

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1:43 am
December 7, 2013



Gang Member

posts 12

  • Rent a RPG
  • In game stunt jump map
  • Cheaper upgrades, primarily car armor & B-proof tires
  • Armor at home, like in Vice City
  • Health at home
  • Sword or machete
  • 7Ts Pimp clothes
  • Ski mask
  • Skateboard by skate ramps
  • Some kind of benefit from sleeping
  • Health shield from drinking beer
  • that's all I can think of right now
  • oh yea, sell 2 cars a day instead of just 1.

3:56 pm
December 17, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23


I'll reply to this…I like this topic.


I would like to see:


No invisibility. 

Modification of Bounty System.  Bounties last 24 game hours.  I consistently see people get a bounty and then go offline so they can bank it themselves.  While I understand that and don't have as big a problem with it…at least differentiate between NPC placed bounties and player placed bounties.  If the computer places a bounty…no big deal.  But if I place a $9000 bounty on Sandhawk, I want him dead.  Him going into an invite only menu for 48 minutes (1 game day) and collecting the money I put on his head is completely contradictory to the purpose.

I agree with sell 2 cars per day.  Every 12 game hours instead of every 24.  Either that, or have a greater abundance of high value cars. 

Modify the Simeon High Priority Import/Export Vehicle mission.  That's becoming a blood bath.  Last night I got the import/export vehicle and had a gang of people on me.  I just decide to leave the vehicle, attach a stick and walk away.  Whoever the idiot was that decided to grab it go blown the **** up.  I have no desire to get that vehicle, mody it (respray) and have a half dozen guys camped outside the LS Customs and take it from me.  And if I get lucky enough to make it out, then there's a gang just sitting in front of Simeon's garage waiting.  That's an insanity run in my opinion.

Modify (make it easier) the lock system on the Buzzard attack helicopter and on the Annihilator helicopter.  It locks onto police cars, not enemy players.

Have health packs around the community.

Be able to steal/modify High Value cars.  Maybe have 1 day a week (or 1 day a month) that it can be done.  Stealing a Banshee or Comet should be a bonus.  Have it be like a lottery 1 day a month.

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