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Passive mode, completely pointless

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10:31 am
November 2, 2013



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Why is there a passive mode, if you can’t get in your car, because if you do, you can be killed, and if you’re on foot, you can be run over. Gta v online had great potential to be fun, but there are too many idiots and 12 year olds playing it. Everyone shoots on sight for no apparent reason, i mean, you get nothing for killing other players, no money, no RP, so why do it. It’s really irritating when your minding your own business and a mentally challenged douchebag comes up to you and shoots you, and if you shoot him back you end up with the cops on your ass, so now you gotta deal with that. It’s frustrating and annoying, i hope they fix it so you can’t be attacked at all.

7:27 pm
November 2, 2013


Southern Calif.


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I agree. Plus I am tired of players taking you out and then switching to Passive mode and taking off. You track them down and they stand on top of their car and flip you off. You take out their personal car and the game warns you about being a bad sport and fines you $3K. COWARDS! get rid of passive mode.

Or after you are in and out once, you're out for the rest of the game! 

2:13 pm
November 18, 2013


Washington, DC


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With all due respect, I don't think Passive should be in the game at all.¬† If you don't want the challenge of other players…there is an online Invite Only session available.¬† That way, you can play by yourself and accompliash mission and do other stuff without the aggrevation of idiots.¬† I really agree with radke in regard to the “Coward” line.¬† If you're going to kill another player, you can't jump into passive mode just to be safe.¬† That is cowardice.


Also…a point that radke makes also bothers me…destroying personal vehicles.¬† I was thinking about this last night.¬† I don't think you can just go around destroying everyone's cars…people work way too much in this game to continually have their stuff destroyed.¬† A lesser player could get wiped out and lose all fun in the game.¬† — That being said, if you and an opposing player are in a battle, sometimes the best way to kill them is when they're in their car.¬† I don't know HOW, but I wish that would be evaluated.¬† For example, yesterday, I was walking and a guy tried to run me over.¬† I couldn't switch to a good gun and ended up with a sticky grenade.¬† I stuck his car after missing getting run over…blew him and his car up and proceeded to lose the $1,157 on insurance…plus the Bad Rep note.¬†¬† AAAARGH!

4:20 pm
November 20, 2013



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i was playing today and had the first player in sight. i did not choose any weapon and went slowly in his direction. i turned around jumped etc. he shot me. man i went crazy. chasing the guy brings nothing. ammo is expensive. there must be a way to show you are a fair player. like a signal. when you show that signal and the other player does it too, then you should come out behind the wall and not be in a risk of getting shot. if he shoots, he should be punished. but how? the bad rep is not effective.

12:57 pm
January 14, 2014


Washington, DC


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I agree.  That would be a good idea.  Just curious how it could be employed well.


What they really need to do…with passive mode…is make it better.¬† For example, if you are on foot and in passive mode you shouldn't be able to be run over.¬† To create a system where you can't be killed by gun fire but CAN be killed by being run over in a car wasn't really the help I needed.¬†


I think that there should be¬†an easy way – without killing yourself – to respawn somewhere else….or to specify where you want to respawn.¬† Respawning in passive mode doesn't stop you from being killed.¬† It only makes the jerk be more creative…PLUS, it disables you from defending yourself.¬†


One thing I would really like to see is the ability to have a selection of 4 or 5 respawn points pop up when you die.  You can choose your respawn point and at least have a second to gather yourself.  The current spawn is within 2 blocks of where you dies and it very rarely puts you in a positive to hide from being run over even if you do get to passive mode.




On a similar note, there should be a system to allow for limiting how much someone can kill you.¬†¬†The way the system is set up I've seen players level¬†7 or¬†8 or so go up against players who are level 538 or so.¬† That's ridiculous.¬† At level 10 you barely have any weapons.¬† You barely have developed any skill.¬† A guy who's level 500+ reach rocket launchers at level 100.¬† There's absolutely no chance that can be fair.¬† And if someone wants to be a complete a**…they can.¬†

10:37 am
March 25, 2014


Gang Member

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Hey guys can people view my YouTube video and give feed back on it thanks

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