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Money making – Online??

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2:41 pm
November 20, 2013


Washington, DC


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So…I'm steadily making some money online, but I look at how other people are doing and they're just killing it.¬† I have about $1.1 Million…but I hear of people with $3 Million or more.¬† How??


Right now, I am getting some money from missions…some money from selling cars…some money from stickups…some money from races (when I can get a friend to go 1v1 and let me win)…and some money from collecting my own bounties (bounties set on me by NPCs or online players)


Any better ideas?

4:03 pm
November 20, 2013



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i see you doin great. the easy money making days seem to be over since the update. i don't get it too. people have to much time i guess. i play a lot but can't afford me a tank the cargo bob or anything like that. let's say you play a misson and get 9 thousand gta online cash. play it 100 times and you are still at 900 000! is there still a glitch we don't know about? i see random people with tanks, annhilators, luxor jets etc. WTF! i heard betting a bigger stack on you and a small amount on other player gives better rewards then usual matchmaking. not sure though. if you find a way i would be happy to know….

8:07 pm
November 20, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23




Thanks.¬† Yes, I'll post anything I can think of.¬† I don't know much about glitching or using glitches…so I'm in the slow process of doing things manually…lol.


1) Steal and sell cars.¬† The best is either a Cavalcade or Baller…in perfect condition…can net you about $9000.

2) Highest bounty I have seen is $9000.¬† Survive 1 full day (in gametime) and you get to keep the bounty.¬† *** For me, if I get a $1000 or $3000 bounty on me…I'll keep playing with other players.¬† If the bounty is $5000, $7000 or $9000 – I play the next 1 day in the Invite Only menu (preventing other players from even beeing in the session to kill me).

3) Jobs – Right now, the best jobs I have seen are by Martin Madroza (I've gotten anywhere from $4500 to $10,000) on any single mission) and the car cellecting by Simeon.¬† Some of the better cars can get you $10,000 to $12,000 max if delivered completely untouch…meaning drive clean and don't bump ANYTHING.

4) Armored Car Heist – I have taken anywhere from $4500 – $8000 on any one armored car heist.

5) Stick-ups.¬† Best way to do it…in my experience is to first jack a helicopter.¬† Basically make a loop around the map.¬† One or two along the west coast…one or two up north in Sandy Springs…and then maybe on the way back to Los Santos along the eastern side of the map.¬†¬† You can make it usually to 3 or 4 (max)¬†retail shops doing stick-ups before the star level is up to 4.¬† Once you get to 4-star level (i.e. TWO police helicopters)…the heli you are piloting is going to be pretty much unflyable.¬† You can only heist a place once per day…so don't expect to hit a shop twice in a day.


LOL…unfortunately…that's all I got in terms of ideas.

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