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How do ppl get billions gta online its so time consuming…

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9:47 pm
January 8, 2014



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i was wondering how ppl got money so fast online and if u know if anyone would be willing to help cuz im going broke with soooo many ppl damaging my cars and making me haveta repair them..replys are appreciated thanks in advance

12:57 pm
January 9, 2014


Washington, DC


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Unfortunately, I don't know how to do it legit.  Doing the game legit, I made it up to about $3.3Million.  And then all of a sudden random people just gave me like 10's of millions.  As someone suggested I emailed Rockstar and told them it wasn't mine and that I didn't want it.  I don't know who the other players are/were and didn't want their tainted money.  But Rockstar has never replied or removed it.


So, at least I have the $3.3Million I actually earned.


Some money tricks:

1) Steal and sell good cars — Cavalcade can be $6,000 to $7,000…Baller is $9,000…Lampadati Felon (to my knowledge) is most expensive at $9,500.

2) Put in about 6-10 hours per week in the Invite Only session…play by yourself.  Since nobody should be killing you, the only money you lose is when you buy something.  Don't buy anything.

3) Don't be an a$$.  In other words, Don't use your guns unless you really need to.  Eventually the Ammu-Nation purchases add up.

4) Be careful about what you buy.  In other words, buying a couple of fancy and expensive cars is fine…why spend $400,000 on a luxury vehicle when you already have 5 or 6 cars in your garage.  Last I checked you can only drive one at a time.

5) A full day (in game) is approximately 42-48 minutes.  Time your car sales by it.  If you play Invite Only and sell a car at 5:25am…as soonas it hit 5:25the following day, you can sell another car.  If you time it well…playing 6 hours you can sell about 7 cars.  If you got lucky enough to sell 7 Ballers that's $63,000. 

6) Keep an eye out for Armored Trucks.  In my experience, Armored Trucks drop anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000.  But also understand that as soon as you hit an Armored Truck, you're already at 3 stars…so make sure you have a good escape route.

7) Keep an eye out for Simeon's car requests.  In my experience, you pay the repair cost (if necessary) and the lowest paint Respray is about $780.  Generally speaking, I think the return is about 1.25x-1.5x the normal payout for a vehicle.  So, a Hummer (Mammoth Patriot) which would normally get you $5,000 will return something like $8,000 (something like that)…if you delive the vehicle no crashes or scratches.

7b) If you get a Simeon car request while you are ONLINE with other players…immediately get off and go to an INVITE ONLY session.  This will allow you to capture the vehicle without fear of other human players trying to “F” up you or your car.  It's also the easiest way to get a car delivered without any scratches since you have no other interference.

8) You can do Missions solo.  In the menu – go to Jobs.  Go down to Rockstar Created Jobs and find Potshot.  Potshot is simple.  Play this mission on Hard difficulty.  Block the exit of a truck, kill the driver, and steal the truck.  Deliver it to Trevor and get $7,000 and something like 1400 JP. Once you deliver this to Trevor, give it about 1 minute in real time and do it again.  The mission may take about 7-10minutes total.  In a 1 hour playing session, you could hit that mission about 5 times.  $35,000 right there + a LOT!! of JP.  Make sure you do the mission solo.

9) Do your best not to die.  Sounds simple, but it's important.  I think you lose something like $500-$1000 if you die.  So, if you're paying online against the public…and you find yourself in a sh!tstorm…find a new session or go to passive mode.  Don't get involved in stupid fights.  If you get involved in a battle against someone and you find yourself on the bad side of a 0-3 duel…don't keep fighting. 

10) Do your best not to use your own vehicle if you play Online against the public.  Knowing the community…someone is going to try to wreck or blow up your car.  You having to pay the Insurance on it isn't worth it.  For example, you have a Ferrari (or whatever that car is)…if you are in the car and it gets blown up, you have to pay that PLUS the $500-1000 for having died.  Not worth it.

10b) Be careful not to destroy other players vehicles.  I mean, sometimes the only way to stay alive is to destroy their vehicle…so be it.  Do what you gotta do.  But If you blow up a car that you didn't need to just to get a kill that didn't matter, the other person's insurance is going to hurt bad.  Getting hit for $12,000 for insurance (+ Bad sport point) in a situation which isn't critical isn't smart.  Until you have money to burn…don't do it unless it's a necessary option.

11) Get bounties…especially your own.  Steal a car, drive 3 blocks away…if you don't get a bounty, stop and steal another vehicle.  Do it until a computer player issues a bounty.  Even if you play online against other players…get a bounty.  Once you get a bounty, IMMEDIATELY switch to playing Invite Only.  I believe that if you survive with the bounty for 1 day (again 42-48 minutes in real time) you survive the bounty and cash it yourself.  There's nobody to collect the bounty in Invite Only…so you have free roam with no consequence and a bonus coming your way.

***Personally, if I get a $7,000 or $9,000 bounty on me…I'm outta there.  If it's only $1,000 or $3,000 I'm not too worried about it and I really don't care if some idiot goes out of his way to cash it and kill me.  But the higher bounties…those are mine.

12:52 pm
January 13, 2014


Washington, DC


posts 23


12) Go and grab yourself a helicopter…assuming you can fly a helicopter well.  You should be able to do about 3 store robberies in one go-round.  Fly to a store and land relatively close to the door.  Go in and do a hold-up.  Do NOT kill the store owner unless absolutely necessary.  Not killing the store owner will get you 2 stars…killing him will get 3 stars.  If you can pull off the heist without killing him, it won't elevate to 3 stars until the 3rd store robbery.  Steal the money, jump in the helicopter and fly away from the incoming cops.  Stay away long enough to lose the wanted level and then proceed to the next store.  You should be able to get anywhere from $1,200 to $1,700 or so per robbery.  If you can pull off 3 and evade the police each time…it turns out to be about $5,000-$6,000. 

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