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Gripe of the Week

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6:02 pm
February 4, 2014


Washington, DC


posts 23


Well, since Internet forums are usually a place for people to whine and gripe and all that…as much as it is to share good info…I wanted to see what people's gripes are about GTA V as we progress in the game.


For me, my biggest gripe this week is CAMPING


Now obviously the point of the game (in part) is seeking out other opponents, killing them, and doing your thing on the map.  But it's starting to annoy me when someone goes to LS Customs to sell or fix a car and someone just sits there camping on them.  The same thing with people coming out of their apartments (or for other players – their garage).  More and more often, I see players just camp in front of someone's front door or garage door and cap them as soon as they come out…before they can get a weapon to defend themselves.

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