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Game Ruined

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3:33 pm
November 25, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23


Okay…so with the new patch, it has seemed to remove the glitch where you can steal vehicles and get them into your garage using the work around where you park the car up against the garage and then back into it use a gun aiming.


As much as I wanted to keep/store the cop car I came across…fine.


But a new F-bomb just came on.  Apparently there's some level you can get to to become invisible.  WTF!!!  This game is too hard as it is.  I mean…not hard so much…but there are players at all levels in any lobby.  A guy who is up to level 90-something who has this invisibility just totally ruins the game for a guy who's a level 10 who barely has anything to his name.  For me…I was hiding on the 4th floor of a parking garage not messing with anyone.  I had jack a Cavalcade SUV which I wanted to sell and get the $7000-9000.  Instead, some jack*** finds me, uses invisibility and then proceeds to both shoot at me and then run me over in his vehicle.  In his vehicle (while he's invisible) I can't even see the vehicle.  I have no chance whatsoever to defend myself.  This is BS.  This completely ruins the game for me.

9:34 am
November 27, 2013



Gang Member

posts 12


I thought I was dealing with cheaters when I encountered invisible attackers. I've been rammed by invisible cars twice now and killed 6 times by invisible players. It's crazy to fight what you can't see, it just seems that I'll be session hopping more often. From now on if I'm killed once, I'm out of there. The bad part is those players get credit for kills.

11:52 pm
November 27, 2013



posts 31


wow that's new for me. never heard that. at which level is it possible. can they use it in deathmatches too?

12:43 am
November 28, 2013



Gang Member

posts 12


It's a cheat…it's part of what happens to you when the infinite ammo cheat is attempted. . I really hope Rockstar puts an end to it.

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