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Are you home???

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3:06 pm
November 20, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23


Question — I have noticed that random people have buzzed my door while I am in my apartment.  Is there any danger to answering the door??  While in the apartment, I can't pull up any guns or melee weapons…so I'm not sure I grasp why they would want to come in.  For example, yesterday, I had a bounty of $9000 on me.  Someone came up while I was in the apartment and buzzed my door.  They left before I could answer it, but I guess I don't understand what they wanted.  The only reason you'd go after someone with a bounty is to kill them and collect the bounty.  If you can't utilize weapons in an apartment…what would their intentions be????  Curious.

3:40 pm
November 20, 2013



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Hey Chris,

i don't think anybody can come to your apartment and steal something or kill you. at least not that i know. but when he gets in your garage he can snatch your vehicles. however you can change who can acces the vehicle from the inventory menu with holding select and he will be prompt thrown out of the car. the guy who buzzed the door probably wanted to see your apartments view or push you around untill you die 🙂

7:51 pm
November 20, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23




Thanks.  Yeah…I didn't know about going through to steal my vehicles.  My guess is that maybe he noticed I had a bounty and maybe he just wasn't aware that he couldn't use weapons inside. 


Maybe…maybe the trick is to buzz the doorbell and HOPE that the person inside pushes the wrong button and hits to exit the building.  You push the wrong button and next thing you're outside, empty-handed looking down the barrel of a sawed-off.


LOL.  I guess it was worth it to him to try.  But if you've spent enough time playing to be able to afford a place, you should know better.  Just wasn't sure if there was some kind of glitch I didn't know involving this.  Thanks for the FYI about them stealing vehicles.

4:01 pm
November 25, 2013


Washington, DC


posts 23


A new one I saw the other day…you could essentially invite someone to your home.  Get them to visit then kick them, follow them out and then gun them down.  I was wondering why people I never knew were inviting me to their apartment.  Didn't make sense.  Although it's a BS technique, I want to alert you all that it's out there.  If you don't know someone, do NOT accept an apartment invite.  Or at least don't expect to live.

5:09 am
November 29, 2013




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I think its your thought as you had money otherwise it was normal. But you can set up small cam in your door which enable you watch who is outside the door but other person can’t see you.

4:26 pm
November 30, 2013




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LOL. Stop being paranoid. It's all good. And don't guy hiding when you have a bounty on your head. Where the hell is the fun in that? C'mon. Its a game.


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