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The Los Santos Crime Family

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7:32 pm
January 25, 2015


Modesto, CA


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The Los Santos Crime Family


The Los Santos Crime Family provides a realistic portrayal of the modern day Italian-American mafia. Our structure and activities are based around those of a modern day Italian-American crime family.






May 17th, 2001 
Case file started for The Agnelli Crew. 
June 29th, 2001 
A wire tapped phone conversation between Dott Dogg and ShadowOfEvil77. 
<<  [Play]  [Stop] >> 
*The tape starts playing* 
ShadowOfEvil77 : Yeah? 
Dott Dogg : 'Ey, listen…we got a problem. ¬†
ShadowOfEvil77  : What's up, Dott? 
Dott Dogg : Meet me over at the Del Perro Pier in ten minutes. 
ShadowOfEvil77  : Alright. I'll see y'there. 
FBI Survelliance team 3 kept a tail on  Dott Dogg  and followed them to the pier and was able to obtain some substantle evidence in which was later on used in court against  Dott Dogg .  
<<  [Play]  [Stop] >> 
*The tape starts playing* 
*A car door closes* 
ShadowOfEvil77 : Hey Dott. What's goin' on. 
Dott Dogg : ShaedowOfEvil77, I got a problem, buddy. Y'know Bobby D from back east? Well, he owed me some money…so I went to collect it and ***** guy tried to short me on it. So, I ****** hit 'em in back of the head with a ****** pencil sharpener and he starts spazzing out and foamin' out the ****** mouth. ¬†
ShadowOfEvil77  : Jesus christ, Dott. 
Dott Dogg : I know but get this…I start pattin' the ******' guy down and guess what I find? A ****** wire. ¬†
ShadowOfEvil77  : Are you ****** serious? 
Dott Dogg : Dead serious. I just left 'em there and got the **** out. I got a bad feelin' about this.  
ShadowOfEvil77  : Look, take a trip up north and lay low for a bit while the heat blows over and we'll figure somethin' out. 
Dott Dogg : Alright. I'll give you a call when I get there.  
ShadowOfEvil77 ¬†: Alright….and Dott…be careful.¬†
*A car door opens and closes and an engine starts* 
FBI Surveillance, ACOC, 03/15/2000
Janurary 13, 2002 
At 2:45pm a search warrant was conducted at 763 California Boulevard apartment 2B.  Dott Dogg  was arrested by Federal Agents along with the colaboration with the Las Venturas Police Department. Upon searching the premises agents were able to find a loaded semi-automatic handgun, thirty-two-thousand-one-hundred and eighty dollars and several fake ID's.  
Dott Dogg  was later on sentenced to 12 years in a Federal Penitentary and was never charged for the murder of Bobby Battisti(CF: #987-1546-1756) due to Bobby's medical condition.  
June 10th, 2003 
ShadowOfEvil77 (CF #186-164-1695) was spotted entering Ocean Docks. Through information we have gathered, Cribaro owns several shipping containers which could be used to store narcotics, money, guns or anything else. We have decided not to obtain a warrant and search these containers due to the risk of getting caught and blowing our operation. 
December 20th, 2005 
8 members of the Agnelli Crew including heirchy within' their organization were arrested on drug trafficking and illegal weapons charges after one of California's largest federal undercover operations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) raided a number of homes and properties in California and Los Santos, seizing over 65 guns, seven hand grenades, 3 pipe bombs, 8 car bombs, large sums of money and vehicles. 8 members were charged and sent to California State Prisons receiving over 30 years between them. 
FBI survelliance images show that  ShadowOfEvil77 (CF #186-164-1695) has been spotted in Los Santos and has taken control of the crew. 
April 13th, 2013 
Los Santos Police department released  Dott Dogg (CF #9811-387-8164) from the San Andreas correction facility. He was serving a sentence of ten years for weapons charges and possession of an illegal substance. Upon his release he has been seen hanging around key targets in the Cribaro Crew. 
August 2013 
FBI Surveillance, CCOC, 08/02/2013
The image obtained was taken on August 18th, 2013. Several key figures in The Moretti crew were spotted outside of Perrino's. Perrino's is owned and operated by Dott Dogg  who's a well known made member within the crew. 
June 4th, 2014 
Los Santos Police department discovered the body of Gianfranco Ratti(CF# 481-756-1414) in his apartment. Ratti's body was found when a neighbor complained about a fowl stench coming from the apartment next to hers. Ratti's body was found with a gun laying next to him and bullet hole through the back of his head. Upon a later autopsy report it was concluded that Ratti committed suicide. 
January 10th 2015
Case file changed to “Los Santos Crime Family”.
January 11th 2015
It's believed that ShadowOfEvil77 is acting boss of the family while his brother, Grenko61 is the consigliere. It's believed that Grenko advised his brother in placing Dott Dogg as the acting underboss of the family.
1. No fighting among other members. This includes fists, melee weapons etc.
2. No random crew killing. The only time other crew members should be killed is if it's a sanctioned hit or in self defense.
3. Roleplay as much as possible. It's not a requirement but it's recommended.
4. Must be set to your active crew.
5. No killing allied crews.


Family Territory




The Vanilla Unicorn is based as the families headquarters. We typically have parties here, events, ceremonies and so forth at this location.


Social Club:¬†http://socialclub.rockstargame….._crime_fam


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