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TASK FORCE 101 is now recruiting!

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11:26 am
October 17, 2013



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Task force 101 is military/private army unit based in Los santos.

Task force 101 was one of the wealthiest armies in liberty city but due to European criminal known as Nico Belgic blowing up our base and killing hundreds with it we were forced to move to San Andreas. Now I plan on getting to force 101 back to the top.

We are looking for new and eager recruits to join our army. I am also looking for some people that aren’t afraid to speak out and give orders as I need some co-leaders.

Roles in crew:


-Skilled with a variety of fully-automatic firearms
-Skilled with gun-to-gun, close-quarters combat


-able to escape all levels of heat in all types of environments
-Doesn’t rely on map to navigate Los Santos & Blaine County
-Knows locations of hiding spots, stunt jumps, and alleyways/other escape routes

Aquatic Expert

-Knowledgeable of underwater geography
-Skilled with all types of water vehicles

Aerial Expert

-Proficient with piloting all types of planes and helicopter
-Capable of maintaining a formidable defense against AA threats
-Able to use aircraft weapons with a high degree of effectiveness


-Proficient with sniper rifles
-locates enemies from afar and calls them out to his teammates


-Efficient with LMGs for suppresion & cover fire
-Skilled with sing explosive devices + weaponry


-knows LS well able to navigate quickly
-skilled/good at driving big vehicles such as transport jeeps or tanks

All new recruits will be expected to go through training before joining our ranks and before joining will have to wear green or brown/khaki cargo pants.

If you wish to join send a message to jordon MC on xbox saying so. Thanks.

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