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[PS3] Started very small crew, need 3-4 for tight knit group!

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8:53 pm
October 16, 2013


Liverpool, England, UK.


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I have decided to start up my own crew. However, I only want a very small number and I want all of us to be on the same page. No hierachy, all equal.


I wanted a very small number because the fear I have of having so many is that my members become just that – a number. I want to make gamer friends. With a small crew we'll be doing all the missions together, and we'll know eachothers strengths/weaknesses much quicker and be able to work better as a team. Also, most of the missions worth doing are max 4 or 6 people so I wouldn't want anyone missing out.


The crew name is Amicorum Mercenaries. Amicorum is latin for friend, as first of all we're a group of friends, but also a group of mercenaries!


There are a few things I really want for the crew, that we wear black boots, black cargo pants, black t-shirt/shirt & standard armour. Also that whatever vehicle you choose for the crew is matte black. Being picky I know haha, but I do think we will look boss!


I'm from the UK. No location requirement, but thought it would be important to highlight that for timezone reasons.

The only requirement is that you're a mature gamer.


If you're interested, drop me a friend request on PSN! Which is: Stoneh1892

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