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Do you like roleplaying and teamwork? Join LSCS today.

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4:56 pm
August 31, 2013



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Los Santos Crime Syndicate(360)
We are a collection of various criminal organizations who all share the common goal of taking over Los Santos, 
to create a criminal utopia where people with vision run things and don't have to answer to anyone else. 
It is about making money and having fun. Participating in betrayal, spying for other Crews and other activity that hurts 
the Crew will result in being put on a bounty list and kicked from the Crew. Remaining members will then be paid well 
to seek out and deal with these problems.
The crew is divided into different classes/specializations/roles, 
although responsibilities are flexible depending on who is online at the time, what the mission is, etc. 
We will create missions and Crew objectives for members to carry out, and while there are "ranks" all members have 
equally valued input into mission design, heist planning, and suggestions about ways to make money and maintain good 
stats. There is also a lot of mobility to move among the ranks, the ranks are mostly for role playing fun, but will also help 
for organization purposes, and let people play to their strengths on Crew missions.

Who should join:
-People who enjoy role playing
-people who want to be at the top of the leaderboards in all game modes, stats, etc.
-people who enjoy headset communication, tight teamwork, and strategic playing
-people who want to earn big money
-people who want to have fun!

President: oversight, organization, personnel, heist planning/mission design, etc
Vice President: same as above, second opinion insight, high priority missions
Lieutenants: communication of objectives, performance reports, high priority missions, escort VIP's
Enforcers: handle problems, high risk combat missions, escort VIPs
Soldiers: basic combat ops, heists, weapon acquisition
Drivers: getaway, transport, vehicle acquisition, decoy ops
Task-Men: give out assignments, mission design, book-keeping, heist planning
Recon: scout rival Crews, stealth ops, assassinations, performance reports
Goons: gain rep for the Crew, combat, carry out objectives, back up on heists, make money, 
this slot is for people who want to help out and who are interested in reaching the top of the leaderboards but dont 
care about role playing or anything like that, who just want to do freelance work.

If you are interested in joining the crew, go here: , 
we also have a forum, so make an account here:

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