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22K Union (GTA 5 crew)

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7:51 pm
September 12, 2013

liberty police


posts 3


          22K offers a dynamic way of being part of a crew through a legitimate process where you get to know the founder and co founders. What we offer is a community of players with the same mentality as yours,if you do not share our chemistry you will not be accepted into the ranks. Besides the fairy tale promises we do offer money(in game)and cars,as well as crew appeal(IRL). Yes the website is still being made,the truth of the matter is that I put many hours and thought into it but I believe I am still far away from my goal.(will not share my plans they're pop secret)


Please visit my site and show a little support,I won't be the only one benefiting from it but you will just as much as me.

You will have to create a account,thats the first step. But you will not be able to sign in just right away I will review your email (request)and assign you a password for you to log in. After that you can change your password to whatever you wish,than you can apply for a specific role. Right now Muscle and Drivers are needed,I do have a commissioner which I refer to as 'Sosa' and some lieutenants however the lieutenants just may be demoted.


But in other regards,what I am trying to get across is you have to crawl before you ball,noone was just born a President or a King,he was made into one. You will have to start small and prove yourself into the ranks (if that isn't obvious)


I want to thank you for reading this and I do appreciate it.



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