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[SPOILERS] Possible Main Mission Related to Achievement “The Government Gimps”?

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2:41 am
August 26, 2013


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Michael enters Lester's room where Franklin and Lester are, frustrated over a corrupt government agent named Steve Haynes (spelling?). They are tasked with retrieving sensitive information from the FIB building by Steve and a fellow corrupt agent named Dave. They need paper copies of the architectural plans for the building, so Franklin is tasked with following the architect of the building whose name is Chip Peterson (spelling?). Chip's office is in Backlot City (spelling?). While Franklin is busy with that, Steve and Dave arrive to fill the group in on the situation. The IAA is on to the both of them, and some members of the FIB are questioning Steve's methods, so Steve wants Michael and his team to find out what they know by retrieving the evidence. If Michael does this, Steve will make sure that all of Michael's files are deleted. After Franklin gets the copy, Lester comes up with two options: 1. Plant firebombs that will explode, putting the security system into containment mode, the emergency call goes out, they hijack it, they show up as firemen and finally grab the containment drive. OR 2. Hack the system on site and go in by air, encountering heavy resistance from FIB agents. After completing the mission, they decide to celebrate at Lester's place with some moonshine. Soon, Michael goes alone to tell Dave and Steve that the job is done, so that their partnership with the corrupt agents will be over.

10:55 am
August 26, 2013



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i guess that was from the demo which was shown to the press and showed up in previews and screenshots.

1:57 pm
August 26, 2013


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Supposedly, the correct name of one of these corrupt F.I.B. agents is Steven Haines, the same F.I.B. agent who appeared in the reality T.V. show that parodies the real-life show COPS, by showcasing the numerous gangs that operate in Los Santos and Blaine Country.

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