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By admin, February 13, 2013 3 NEWS

The most loved Rockstar Game under the fans is truly “GTA San Andreas”. But what made it so successful for the players. Definitely there was the huge world, an immense playground. A great story and the flair of 90’s and gang banging all over the turf with gang… Read More »

By admin, February 10, 2013 0 NEWS

While we have been waiting for the first official box-art to be released, a fan and GTA Forums member named “FRA1Z3R” has found a new promotional box art at a local Gamestop store. The picture shows a black male (probably Franklin, one of the three… Read More »

By admin, February 10, 2013 1 NEWS

Most gamer in the scene expected a GTA 5 release date between May and November 2012. But with exceeding these time periods, questions came up when the game will finally release. Rockstar Games announced a Box-art – Xbox 360 – PS 3 cover reveal,… Read More »