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We all know that Rockstar Games registers their fictive in-game websites in real life too. This domains usually redirects to the official Rockstar Games Homepage. The internet – sleuth Supererogatory  discovered some registered domains with names that are usually in … Read More »

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  GTA 5 Character Details Leaked? Ripten found a casting call for voice actors from Rockstar Games publisher Take-Two Interactive on the net, which seems to be for GTA 5. Now let’s see the complete character details of all untill… Read More »

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The fans know, that GTA SA had no build-in online multiplayer. But some modders and programmers made a fully functional multiplayer called SA:MP!! And…it was a big succes! Rockstar learned from it, and brought us multiplayer in GTA 4. Now… Read More »

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Max Payne 3 delay breaks all hopes for GTA 5 summer release 2012! While the rumors and expectations pointed to a GTA 5 release date between May and end of summer 2012, the Max Payne 3 delay two months back… Read More »