GTA 1 Multiplayer

GTA 1 allows players to play over lan. But it’s a little bit tricky. Even if it’s the first developed game of the series, it has online functions build-in, what some of the later developed games didn’t. Modes like Cannonball Run and Deathmatch are available to play.

gta 1 multiplayer



Here are some ancient map illustrations of the three original GTA Cities.

GTA 1 Liberty City Map



Grand Theft Auto 1 San Andreas Map




GTA 1 Vice City Map




GTA 1 Cheats PC, Playstation

You can use one of the following original classic GTA Cheats PC or Playstation version to make the gameplay easier and more funny if you want. Some of the following cheats are: money cheats, decrease wanted level, point, unlock all cities, armor cheats etc. A full list with descriptions below.At the name selection screen press Delete amd enter one of the following cheat codes and press Enter to activate it. The sound of a engine will confirm if activated correctly..


  • iamnotgarypenn
    • Disable Offensive Language
  • iamgarypenn
    • Enable Offensive Language
  • itcouldbeyou
    • 9,999,999 Points cheat
  • itsgallus
    • Unlock all cities
  • iamthelaw
    • Get rid of police
  • suckmyrocket
    • Get out of jail card, all weopons and full armor cheat
  • itstantrum
    • The player gets infinite lives
  • &machine
    • Get Points multiplier 10x
  • buckfast
    • Press key * for all weopons
  • heartofgold
    • View FMV Sequences


PS Cheat Codes

    • Unlock all cities
    • All Weapons
    •  All Cities, Weapons, and Cash cheat
    • Erase wanted level
    • Wanted level maxed out
  • FECK
    • Unlock Liberty City
    • All cities unlocked
    • Small level select
    • All cities unlocking, weapons, infinite ammo, and 99 lives
  • TURF
    • All cities unlocked
    • 9,999,990 points reward
    • All Cities unlocked and weapons
    • All weapons and cities
    • All Cities, Weapons, Money, and a Parrot Picture at the Character Select Screen
    • Coordinates appearing on screen
    • 99 lives
    • 5x multiplier
    • Unlocks San Andreas and Liberty City Parts 1 and 2
  • URGE 
    • All Cities Parts 1 and 2 except Vice City Only Part 1



GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto 2) is the 4th installment of the game series after gta 1 and the expansion packs London 1969 & 1961. The ingame camera was also top-down view, where the game itself was developed to be 3D. But the most gamers do think it’s actually in 2D. There are discussions in which time period the game takes place. Some say it is in 2013, others remain with the idea, it plays right before the Millennium with referring to the phrase in the game “The millennium is coming”. Until today it is not cleared. GTA 2 plays in a retro-futuristic utopia called Anywhere, USA. The City has three different districts or so called levels, with different functions and options. Download for free: Classics


 Locations And Gangs

  • Downtown District: This part of the town includes a university and mental institution. The Locations are: Ukita, Funabashi, Shiroto, Avalon, Fruitbat, Sunnyside, Zarelli, Omnitron, Flotsam and Altamount. The Zaibatsu Syndicate operates here mainly. The criminal corporation is the only crime syndicate with presence in all districts. Other gangs like the Yakuza (the japanese Mafia) and the Loonies (a group of psychos and mentally sick people) who took over the Asylum and the surrounding area, are doing business in Downtown too. The economic heart of the city allows a maximum wanted level of four (up to four cop heads) appearing on the screen, while when reached the max level the Swat team starts to chase the player.
  • The Residential District: This part of the town allows five stars wanted level on Pc, with the F.I.B pursuing you. The playstation version allows up to 6 heads wanted level with the army comes up with all forces behind the protagonist. Locale gangs like the Rednecks (south state gangsters with Confederate flags on their pickups) are sharing this grounds with the Zaibatsu. This part includes a trailer park and the states only jail. The Locations are as following: The Mobile RV Park, Guntersville, Redemption, Belmont, the Prison island, Stromberg, Largu, Xanadu, Dominatrix, Arbo, Wormley, the Army Base and the places Cayman, Zenoton and the Village; controlled by Zaibatsu.
  • Industrial District: It is separated into the areas Lattero, Escobar, Bayano and Sennora which are dominated by The Zaibatsu. Other parts are Petula, Gonad, Tediumare neutral territory while Azari Heights, Lubjanka, Krimea, Pravda belongs to Russian Mafia and Tabernacle, Marahishi, Narayana and Vedic Temple to the Hare Krishna Monks.. A maximum of six wanted levels brings the Army to hunt after you heavily armed with tanks and Jeeps with miniguns equipped. The district comes up with a huge dock area, the Hare Krishna Temple, where the criminal Monks operate “Gouranga” and a big atomic power plant.

Each criminal force has their own customized vehicles, weapons and characteristics.


GTA 2 Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto 2’s gameplay based mainly on GTA 1 keeping the overhead view of point. Well there were the take missions for different gangs by phone system, earning enough points to reach the next level by completing missions, side missions, or just overdriving pedestrians. Some new functions were included this time as well. A kind of Respect-O-Meter shows the player their status in the eyes of each gang. When the protag made too much one-sided missions for a specific gang, caused the respect of the other gangs to decrease. So it was suggested to keep the balance.

Saving Options

While GTA 1 allowed the player only to save after completing a level, GTA 2 gave the opportunity to save whenever you want. You just walked into the Save Church with min. 50 thousand USD cash and was blessed. But you also lost 50,000 bucks, so it was good to save only when you shut down the console or pc.


The pedestrians acted way more realistic. There were carjackers stealing your vehicle or smugglers and gang members fighting with the police randomly.

Side Missions

The ability to work as a Taxi driver, Bus Driver and finding hidden packages was a welcome improvement to earn more money.


The game has multiplayer to play over a lan connection.


  • Deathmatch
  • Tag
  • Race
  • Team Deathmatch


Other Infos:

  • GTA 2 is the only game in the series numbered with digits instead of Roman numeral.
  • Also the only one rated “T” (PS version).
  • There are huge differences between the versions of the game, while the pc has the most functions like riding on the train and multiple light and shadow filters.

Grand Theft Auto 1

Grand Theft Auto (1) is the first installment of GTA game series developed by Rockstar Games (formerly DMA Design) in 1996-97. GTA 1 was released on October, 1997 for PC and Playstation. Later in 1999 it was also released on Gameboy Color. It was build on a open world basis and was one of the biggest game worlds at the release time. The game is the first of complete 4 games with a top down perspective to play. The design is in 2D. A reminiscent of a past era called “The 2d Universe” of Grand Theft Auto Series.

Original GTA Free Download here:


The game was almost ported to N64 as Grand Theft Auto 64 with graphic enchangements and new functions but was cancelled. Also to be released for Sega Saturn, the fast popularity lost of the console came in-hand with the development cancellation before it could be completed. OpenGTA is an open source implementation of the GTA 1 engine. The goal is an original Grand Theft Auto game on multiple platforms and add some own enhancements.

GTA Gameplay

The game plays in three different cities: Liberty City (based on New York City), San Andreas (San Fransisco) and Vice City based on the famous sunny paradise of Miami. Each city has two levels, in every level you work for a local crime syndicate to complete kill, assault, driving, delivering missions etc. To complete your goals for a level you have to earn points. The paying system in GTA. But you will need to spend these points for guns, spraying your car and other equipments to be able to complete missions. With time you will get point multiplicators, so if you earn 10 points at the start for ramming a car, you will earn for example 30 point if you have 3x multiplacator while ramming cars, kill people and better shooting cops. The player has limited lives to complete a level. When been killed to often, the player must start the level from scratch. Every time the cops busted you, you loose half of your multiplicator. Killed or arrested, in both cases the gamer looses all equipments.

Watch the gameplay video on our youtube channel:


You can choose between different characters at the start. You have to play with the “choosen one” trough the whole game. You can choose from 8 different protags, while for playstation you get 4 male characters to choose from. The 4 playable female characters for DOS and PS as a extra option is uniqe for a GTA game. There is only a small difference between the look of the characters. All wear the same yellow jacket, only the color of skin, hairs and trousers differs. You are able to name the character after yourself.

Wanted Level

The wanted level is shown at the top of the screen with angry cop heads. Causing trouble like overdrive a pedestrian or shoot near a police officer will raise the wanted level. Starting at one head you will gain little attraction. You are safe when you stay out of the sight of cops. But with two or three police heads you will be forced to succesfull end missions, respray your vehicle or gain a kill combo to loose the cops.


Seven uniqe weapons to use for missions:

  • Fist: You can neutralize your opponent but not kill him.. The player just gets some seconds to handle.
  • Flamethrower: The ultimate weapon is very rare and sowith hard to find. Mostly placed on the backstreets and alleys, it can bring your enemy or also multiple enemies to catch fire. Very handy for group kills. Buildings and cars catch fire too but no building can be destroyed really.
  • Burb & Fart: This two weapons have no effect then be funny…
  • Rocket Launcher: A weapon designed for blow up vehicles.
  • Pistol: The most used one can kill enemies with one shot and can kill you too when in wrong hands with no armor on foot.
  • The King: > Machine Gun: Used mostly by cops while you have high wanted level.


The word Gouranga is famous since while. The player get gouranga when he kills enough Hare Krishna Gang Monks. The easter egg is well know under the Gta hardcore gamer.

GTA 4 – Grand Theft Auto IV

 GTA 4 Review

GTA 4 release date was in April, 28, 2008. It did break all game launching records and was awarded many times.Developed from Rockstar Games leading studio Rockstar North and published officially from Take Two Entertainment. it has been released for gamäng consoles PS 3 and Xbox 360. The PC release followed a half year later. The game went back to the roots and the story took place in Liberty City again since GTA 3. After the first Trailer ( Things will be different ) of GTA 4 and the unbelievable hype that was created trough it, followed by the second and third trailer, which even pushed the hype to the limits, Grand Theft Auto 4 was finally released  four years after the last release GTA San Andreas. The waiting time was over and the fans thirsty.



The protagonist was Nico Bellic. He appears first in the official trailer 1 and the theme “Things will be different”. An immigrant, who came to Liberty City, to escape his violent past. He searches someone, someone special. He also has a cousin in Liberty City, which described the life in LC as a paradise. So Nico wanted to see whats going on, where the mansions, all the beautiful girls and cars at, that he did read in the letters from his cousin, Roman. We won’t go to deep in that, but something is sure: The story, humor was funny as hell like we expected from Rockstar Games!



This release was much more realistic to GTA San Andreas. One of the things was the new cover system, that were very helpful in shootouts and combats.



For the first time you could use the new Sixaxis controller from Playstation 3 to fly helicopters and as a support by driving bikes. Driving cars etc. was more simulation then arcade. But on the other side, it became to loose and slippy for some fans.



This was discussed a lot between fans. But for us the graphics were the best that ever was released till then. Specially the textures, roads, and buildings in Brooker (Brooklyn). You almost forgot the real life and dived into a dream world. And that makes the difference between the godfather of Open World – Sandbox Games aka Grand Theft Auto and the rest…


GTA 4 Trailers 1 to 3

A summary of all  three trailers in one video! Enjoy!


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